Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Holey Stone

(My Holey Stone, found in Fish Hook Park in Prescott, WA)

Holey Stones are stones that have one or more nature-made holes in them. These hard to find stones are considered powerful protection stones that can be worn for personal protection, hung at doorways or windows to protect a home or business, or even hung near a pet's sleeping place to protect the pet.

To prevent nightmares, these stones are placed in the sleeping place of the one who wishes to be free of nightmares.

Holey Stones are also said to be bringers of high psychic powers.

This is noted in folklore to be most powerful when one looks through a hole in the stone to see visions and non-corporeal entities and beings.

They are excellent for meditation and creative visualization.

For health, crystal healing lore and folklore state that Holey Stones are used in crystal healing for healing disease and maintaining general health, particularly when the stone is rubbed on the body of someone sick.

They are also said to improve eyesight.

Holey Stones are related to the water element.

Holey Stones are also known as Hag Stone.

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