Saturday, June 28, 2014


(Pictured, my thunderegg)

An often drab and uninteresting egg-shaped or spherical stone with a matrix shell comprised of silica birthed within volcanic ash, it's what is encapsulated inside of these natural wonders that has captured the minds and hearts of collectors over the years and throughout the world.  When cracked open, the inside of the Thunderegg (called the lens or window) is most often comprised of a beautifully banded, moss or plume Agate, but can alternately contain Jasper or occasionally Common Opal.

In myth, the Thunderegg was believed by the Pacific Northwest Native Americans to be thunderous rock eggs thrown across the valley between two mountains (specifically Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson in Oregon) by the warring Thunder Gods whenever they became angry with or jealous of each other.  Hence, the English version of the Indian name "thunder eggs".  Or, as another story goes, they were thrown from the mountains by the angry gods who were displeased with the humans there.  Thundereggs are also associated with the Norse god, Thor (known as Donner in German), the god of thunder.

Metaphysically, the Thunderegg is known to quell anger and hostility in those who work with it.  It also acts as a glue, enhancing community cooperation and bringing people together to work for a common cause.  It brings stable progress and helps us put the right thought together with the right action in order to manifest our intentions properly and in the best manner.

Thundereggs are excellent for helping us reach and work with the Other Realms and for providing a link to them, along with facilitating a greater awareness for what we will gather there.

With the main lore connected to Thundereggs revolving around the mythos of being a weapon of the gods or being attached to the thunder of Thor, we can connect this hearty stone to clairaudience - its own "thunder" creating an attention-grabbing way for us to hear and discern what messages we are receiving from practically anything around us.  If you have trouble hearing or noticing opportunistic mystical guidance, a Thunderegg can be a very helpful aid.

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