Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rose Water

what You Need
A Large sauce pan
A smallish dish
A flat surfaced clean stone or brick
A sauce pan lid
Your rose petals (im using pink)
A container or jar for your Rose Water when its done
And also a spoon or baster

First place your sauce pan on your stove and place your flat surfaced stone or brick into the center and then fill your sauce pan with water , now this can be rain or storm water you have collected or bottled water or tap water if you have filtered it , and fill up to till its just about reaching the top of the stone but does not spill over and cover the stone then place your rose petals around the stone into the water making sure also that the stone remains uncovered because this is where your bowl will sit to collect the rose water.

Once your rose petals are in place your bowl onto the stone and make sure it is in the center of the sauce pan in this bowl is where your rose water will collect.

Next place your saucepan lid up side down onto your sauce pan ensure the handle is just about or inside the center of your bowl and then add the ice one top of the lid this will help the rose water on the underside of the lid to dip into the bowl more quickly.
Turn on the heat under your sauce pan on full until it brings your water to a boil then turn it down till it begins to simmer.

Use a clean medicine syringe as I am doing or a spoon or baster to remove the water from your lid.
Keep adding ice to the top now and then about three times and periodically kept removing the water from the ice on the lid.
Once you have re added ice about 3-4 times on the lid turn off your stove and remove any water left from the ice ,add half a glass of cold water on top of the lid to encourage any further droplets to fall into the bowl and leave this to stand for about 15 - 20 mins .Then carefully with an oven mit or cloth remove the lid and carefully lift out your bowl being careful not to spill your rose water collected in the bowl and place to one side while you drain your petals from the water in the sauce pan , the water the petals have been boiling in can be discarded this is NOT the rose water the rose water is what has been collected in the bowl.

Next the Rose Water that has collected in your bowl will be colorless and odorless but this is your rose water and depending on the amount of time you spent boiling and how many rose petals you used ( you can top up your rose petals during boiling with more if you'd like just be careful not to burn) you may only have quarter or half you bowl filled not look like much but you only need a drop or two during your craft.
Can be used in Love spells especially if the petals are pink or red , to fill little glass viles to add to spell bags or witches bottles, to sprinkle on your bed to attract love , to add love to incense or oil recipes etc Different coloured roses can be used for the different meanings and also other flowers can be used not just roses.

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