Monday, June 9, 2014

Animal Blessing

Items you'll need.
*A small altar to hold the objects you'll need.
*A white candle,
*A lighter or matches,
*Sandlewood incense stick (or Nag Champa),
*A picture of your animal family member (If you have more than one animal you want to bless, have a picture for each,)
*A lavender incense stick (You can also use a sage and lavender smudge stick if you have one available,)
*A yellow or gold candle,
*A large feather.
{Please note: When you light the incense and sage, keep in mind the affects it will have on your animal. Don't light it so close to your animal as to cause any discomfort. The picture(s) will act as a proxy for your animal friend. They need not be present.}

Place your altar in your usual ritual space. If you don't have a standard ritual space, place the altar in the area you've designated for this ritual. You're going to make a circle, so place the altar as if it will sit in the northern quarter.
Begin with lighting your altar candle. This is the white candle you selected in your preparations. Close your eyes and imagine a flame being lit within your own body.
Imagine your spiritual essence, lighting a flame in your solar plexus. This is your divine light, the spirit within you that will provide the energy to the wick of your candle and the work ahead.
With each breath you take, imagine the flame inside your being growing stronger and brighter. Until it fills your entire body with it's warmth and bright light.
Open your eyes, take the matches/lighter in hand and light the wick of your candle.

Say something like:
“Great Spirits, I (or we), state your name(s), bring this flame to light, to shine divine energy upon this spiritual space tonight.”
You can remain standing, or sit before your altar. Place the lavender incense over the candle's flame and set it afire. While the incense is still on fire, call upon your God/Goddess of choice. (If you're not pagan, you can easily call upon your own God).

 Say something like:
“Great Spirits, (God/Goddess name)Through divine love and light, I call upon your great might, To bring forth a blessing upon (the animal's name.)”
Holding the incense in your left hand, and the feather in your right, blow out the flames and fan the smoke clockwise around the picture(s). Say something like this:
“Great Spirits, (God/Goddess name)Please bring your blessing of happiness to (animals name), that they will feel joy throughout their days in my life.”

Sit for a moment with your eyes closed and visualize yourself having fun with your animal. Now place the incense into it's holder.
Continue with the protection. Hold the gold candle in your left hand and light it from the altar candle and say something like this:

“Great Spirits, (God/Goddess name) I bring to light this guardian flame, Bring forth your might and guard (animals name) from harm, that they will feel secure and safe here in my home.”

Set the candle near the picture(s). Then again sit for a moment and close your eyes, see your animal friend resting safely in your home. Secure and protected from all and any manner of harm.
Many people find it appropriate to honor the spirits and deities that they've asked to assist them. I happen to be one of these people. However, for rituals such as this, giving honor through an offering of life, instead of food can also be appropriate. By that I mean, planting a seed or plant in honor of the deities. One that supports or represents the energy of the deity. In this case, a rose bush would be an appropriate offering.

Raise the unplanted bush and present it to the divine forces. Say something like this:
“I give this offering of rose and thorn as my symbol of gratitude and honor. To the Great Spirits, whose light and love shall shine through it's pedals of beauty, to remind us all of your unselfish gifts. Blessings Be To Thee.”

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