Thursday, June 12, 2014


Omens that a Storm is brewing
* Blue flames in the fire.
* Cats sitting with their backs to the hearth.
* Clovers contracting their leaves.
* Horses standing in a group facing away from a hedge.
* Unusually busy ants.
* Marigold flowers not opening before 7
* Swallows flying low.
* Spiders destroying their webs.

* Ants hiding themselves.
* A rainbow in the afternoon.
* The scent of flowers growing stronger.
* Cats sneezing.
* Owels hooting.
* Pitcher plants opening wider.
* Bees remaining in their hives.
* Spiders deserting their webs for other shelters.
* Smoke refusing to go out of the chimney.
* Bats flying into the house.
* Snakes hunting food.

* Cows lying on high ground.
* Bats flying at twilight.
* Squirrels eating nuts in the trees.
* Robins singing on a barn.
* Larks flying high.
* Spiders creating webs in the morning.
* Wind blowing from the West.
* Goats leaving their homes during a rain.

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