Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Banana is used for fertility, potency, and prosperity

Yeast cells that grow on Wild Bananas have been used to ferment beer since around 1400 BC, in ancient Egypt.

Banana stalks have been used as a substitute for humans in sacrifices to the Gods, in both Hawaii and Tahiti. Until 1819 when the kapu (code of laws), certain kinds of bananas were forbidden to women punishable by death. Since the flowers are hermaphroditic, they are used in voodoo rites to represent the gods.

Use bananas to cure impotency and increase fertility. It is said that if a bride is married under a banana tree she will be lucky. Due to the tree’s fruitfulness, the leaves, fruits and flowers are used in prosperity spells. Old belief is that a banana should never be cut, only broken.

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