Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fragrant Bedstraw

Fragrant Bedstraw -Love and lust

Also Known As - Barweed, Bedstraw, Catchweed, Cleavers, Cleaverwort, Click, Clite, Clitheren, Clithers, Clivers, Coachweed, Curdwort, Eriffe, Everlasting Friendship, Goose Grass, Goosebill, Gosling Weed, Grip Grassman, Hayriffe, Hedge-burs, Hedgeheriff (Anglo-Saxon “tax gatherer”), Loveman, Madder's Cousin, Mutton Chops, Philanthropon (Greek), Poor Robin, Robin-run-in-the-grass, Scratweed, Stick-a-back, Sweethearts; G. verum - Catchstraw, Cheese Rennet, Cheese Renning, Lady's Bedstraw, Maid's Hair, Our Lady's Bedstraw, Petty Mugget, Yellow Bedstraw, Yellow Cleavers

Bedstraw may be worn or carried for love. Geese are said to have a fondness for the plant, so if you happen to want them around, bedstraw might come in handy. Of course, geese like just about any kind of food you might offer them and will hang around for that as much as anything else.

The dried and powdered root is said to stop bleeding wounds and promote healing, and the juice mixed with oatmeal to the consistency of oatmeal may be applied to “tumors” for three days. Gerard said that the herbs as a remedy for snake and spider bites, probably due to its astringent properties. Culpepper suggested the juice for earache.

Place Bedstraw stalks with leaves under the pillow, secretly, to strengthen a failing marriage.

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