Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bat's Head Root

Bat's Head Root is used in spellwork, rituals, gris-gris bags, etc. to obtain wishes.

Also called bat nut, bat head, ling nut, ling ko, lingjiao, devil pod, goat head, bull nut, and buffalo nut, water chestnut, singhara, or pani-fol

Bat's Head Root looks just like a bats head. Use in hoodoo and witchcraft spells for wishes, good luck and gambling.

Some hoodoo practioners use it to ward off evil and is included in mojo bags, such as "Keep Away Enemies." For protection placed above a doorway, facing outward or hung on the wall. The bat nut or bat head is used by some for increased psychic awareness.

Many old spell recipes call for Bats Head or Head of Bat in reference to this root. This rare root originates from Mexico and is used in many spiritual practices including Wicca, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Magick and more.

For wish granting bury in a potted plant or yard and make a wish. Carry in a mojo bag for protection and luck. Add to any spell for added power

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