Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Poppet Fertility Spell by Cu'Anam

Best preformed on a Friday or Full Moon (A Full Moon on a Friday is perfect timing)

*Poppet (Pink or Blue)
*Candle (Pink or Blue)
*Red or Orange Candle (To invoke Aphrodite)
* Poppet Stuffing
*Apple seeds
*Banana seeds
*Birch Bark
*Bistort Root
*Dried Cabbage
*Carrot Oil
*Dried Celery
*Oak Shavings
*Large Scallop Shell or Dove/Rose/Dolphin/Lovebirds/or Golden Apple Candle Holder
*Small Scallop Shell or Dove/Rose/Dolphin/Lovebirds/or Golden Apple Incense burner/Censor
*Stick or Cone Incense in frankincense, vanilla, or chamomile
***One or more of the following stones***
*Rose Quartz
*Green Adventurine

You have the option of a ritual bath before this, but it isn't necessary a normal shower would be fine so long as you ground while you bathe.
Purify the area and cast a circle around the bed.
Set the incense in the East. Set Aphrodite's Candle in the West.
You can set the "baby" Candle either in the West with the Aphrodite Candle or in the South.
Place the Poppet under the head of the bed with the stone(s).
Light the candles and incense clockwise, while asking your gods (and Aphrodite) to aide in your request.
Have sex with your partner. While having sex, focus on your request, make sure all your intent and will is focused on this one thing.
Once done, let the candles and the incense burn themselves out and thank the gods for their help. Dismiss the circle by walking counter to how you cast and thank and dismiss the guardian's.
Leave the Poppet and stone(s) under the bed until their purpose is fulfilled.
Light fresh candles and incense meditating every Friday.

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