Friday, September 5, 2014


Azeztulite is used for High Energy, Raise Vibration, Project Positive Energy, Healing

Azeztulite is a stone with a very high energy vibration that is said to be from the Angelic realm. It is an ascension stone that is used in psychic and mystical work to raise one's vibration. Although Azeztulite is a type of quartz, it has much higher energy than regular quartzes.

Azeztulite is used in meditation to expand and raise consciousness and bring great Light energy to the meditation. This stone is also used by metaphysicians to help project positive energy to benefit self and other. Azeztulite is also used on the third-eye to assist in clairvoyant viewing of the future. This stone demonstrates no negative or neutral energy, but is truly positive in energy and never needs cleansing or re-energizing.

Crystal healers consider azeztulite energies to remove energetic blocks and snarls, allowing full flow of energy and healing dis-ease of all types.

Crystal healers also use azeztulite to assist in rapid but comfortable cellular regeneration and rejuvenation.

Azeztulite is related primarily with the crown and soulstar chakras.

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