Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pendulums: An Introduction

(Pictured my Travel Pendulum Board and Turquoise Pendulum)

Welcome the world of Pendulum Boards.. also known as Spirit Boards, and Talking Boards.

Pendulum Boards are pretty much the same as Ouija Boards only smaller and round. Where Ouija use Planchettes, Pendulum Boards use Pendulums which is where the boards get their name from.

Like Ouija, Pendulum Boards allows the person to communicate with the spirits, though unlike Ouija, you only need one person to use the board instead of two.

The board pictured is my own Pendulum Board. Well, one of them at any rate. I have several, this one is my traveling board >~.^<

Today well go into the board itself and how it differs from other ways of Divination and Scrying.

A Pendulum Board functions best with simple yes or no questions, though asking it more complex questions is possible, it takes patience. You also need a steady hand to ensure your pendulum doesn't swing before you ask the question. You want your pendulum perfectly still and centered before you start to ensure that the results are accurate.

When you ask the question, you don't need to move your hand at all, it's best you don't so that your results aren't influenced. The pendulum will swing on its own after a few seconds.

Always begin with a question you know the answer to so reliability can be checked. Just like Ouija, some Pendulum Boards will attract a trickster and that's never good.

While anyone can use Pendulum Boards, they seem to work best for those who are in tune to the spirit world, or at least riding the veil.

Your pendulum can be made from any material, though according to certain lore, different crystals are best used for different types of questions. we'll go more into that tomorrow when I start on the different kinds of Pendulums used.

Pendulum Boards don't have to be made out of wood, they can be made from paper, or any other material, just like Ouija can.

Like Mirrors, Crystal Balls, the elements, etc, Pendulum Boards can be used for scrying. However, unlike the above mentioned, Pendulum Boards obviously can't show you what you're scrying for, they can tell you though.

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