Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Also known as: Kelp, Seawrack, Kelpware, Black-tang, Cutweed, Sea Oak, Sea Spirit

Bladderwrack is very Good for healing problems with the Bladder and the urinary tract.

Cletic and Druid Sailors use Bladderwrack to call on the gods Lír or Manannan his son when protection at sea is needed.

Bladderwrack is the “Herb of the Sea”. Also known as Sea Spirit or Sea Oak, Bladderwrack has an abundance of magickal uses. Ideal for water elemental workings, Bladderwrack is an herb of protection. Because it grows in the sea, it possesses protection for anyone on or flying above the seas and oceans. Throwing or blowing Bladderwrack to the sea summons the spirits of the ocean water who will come to your aid in your magickal workings of all kinds. Ideal for sea and wind spells.

Scatter Bladderwrack or place in an offering bowl at your place of business to attract customers. It also helps bring and keep good vibrations and positive energy flowing into and around your store or place of business. Excellent for money spells and lunar magick, always incorporate blends and/or candles with Bladderwrack when doing money workings.

A visionary plant, Bladderwrack is a beautiful and loving herb to use for Goddess workings, enhancing psychic powers, and working with ancestral spirits. Bladderwrack attracts the essence of nature and all the elements.

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