Monday, September 8, 2014

Truth Seeking Spell by Cu'Anam

Materials Needed:
5 white Candles
1 Pentacle (whether it be a pendant or altar tile)
1 Item belonging to the person, or an image of the person

Take a pentacle pendant/altar tile and place it on a table.
Take either a picture or an item that belongs to the person you want the truth from and set it under the pentacle.
Place the candles around the pentacle and item that signifies the person in a star shape.
concentrate over the pentacle overlaying the item (or beside it if the item isn't flat)  for 30 seconds.
Think about what it is you would like to know is being hidden from you.
visualise how that person is surrounded by a chain with a lock (that represents the secret that is hidden),
concentrate on the lock holding the chain and say

"Truth hidden
Lies spread.
Reveal to me
What I need to know."

Now visualize the lock breaking and the chain falling from around the person.
Blow out the candles, the smoke from them will make the truth to be revealed.

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