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Bluebell is used for luck, truth and friendship. Incorporate into rituals of death & dying to comfort those left behind and ease their sorrow.

Also Called: Jacinth, Culverkeys, Auld Man's Bell, Ring o' Bells, Wood Bells

In English folklore, Faeries were thought to congregate in a 'Bluebell wood'. If one were to trample into such a wood they could be cursed by the Faeries. They would leave them maimed or sick{ultimately leading to their death}, or the carry them away to never be seen again.

To hear the ringing of the Bluebell would be a harbinger of death or a signal that a troop of malevolent Faeries were near by.

For those who want to attract the sympathies of the Fair Folk, you can grow Common Bluebells in your garden. To attract them at Bealtaine, make posies of the flowers (not sure about what the law in the UK would say about picking them in the wild, but of course, this should be done respectfully!) to adorn your altar or ritual space.

Common Bluebells are a funeral plant, and some appropriate uses are planting it on graves to bring peace and blessings, or to decorate as a decoration for a funeral, as well as a ancestor altar at Samhain.

They can also be an excellent charm to sew into a dream pillow to ward off not only nightmares, but also protect someone from a potential run in with a Succubus.

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