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Also known as: Red Root, Red Indian Paint, Tetterwort, Blood Root, Indian Paint, Pauson, Red Paint Root, Red Puccoon, Sanguinariat

Bloodroot is used for love, protection, and purification.

Steep in red wine for a full cycle of the moon to use as a "blood offering" for spells that call for this -- DO NOT DRINK THE WINE.

Place in windows and doorways to keep curses and evil spirits out.

A favorite root for use in voodoo to defeat hexes and spells aimed against you.

Bloodroot is a popular protective hex-breaker in Voodoo and Rootwork magic. It is also a marriage protector and aids in promoting harmony with extended family members, especially in-laws and helps prevent people from interfering in your marriage.

Bloodroots vary in color with the darker red to brownish roots being considered male or King roots and the lighter orange to pinkish roots being considered female or Queen roots. Combined in a single sachet of red flannel, these are used to encourage a healthy marital sex life by placing the sachet under the couple's mattress. Likewise, a bit of one of each root steeped in liquor, sometimes in combination with other herbs, is said to ensure sexual potency. After the herbs have steeped for several weeks, strain and drink a shot of the liquor to achieve the desired affect.

Place a bloodroot over your door to encourage anyone who enters to respect your marriage.

If you fear someone is trying to break up your marriage, sew some dried bloodroot into yours and your spouse's pillows.

Bloodroot can be carried or placed around the home (very high out of the reach of pets and children) as general protection from negative energy or spells or it can be burned to cleanse an area of negative energy.

Assuming you're not expected to eat it or rub it on your body, bloodroot can be used in place of blood in spells. Dried bloodroot can be pounded into powder and added to water to reach the desired consistency.

Most of the active constituents of bloodroot is stored in the rhizome. This sap is very toxic. It contains morphine like compounds and also destroys animal tissue. It is traditionally used in herbal medicine as a component to ointments designed to destroy abnormal skin growths such as malinoma, warts and skin tags. This is an extremely painful process and can result in serious scarring if not done properly. The FDA has investigated and prosecuted practitioners for carrying out this particular remedy.

However, the FDA has approved sanguinarine, a constituent in bloodroot sap, for use in toothpaste and mouthwash to help destroy plaque, though it has been linked to oral lesions.

Bloodroot has also been used for sore throats, the juice dropped onto lumbs of maple sugar which is then sucked. It is also said to have expectorant and emetic properties.

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