Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pentacle Wreath

What you need:

Grapevines, Whisteria vines, or other vine
Twine, string, jute, or florist wire

Take your vines, and if there are still leaves and bark, strip them off.

Take your longest vine pieces and start to shape them into a circle, wrapping each of them around the other.
Tuck the ends into the previously wrapped vine and don't worry about it being prefect. You can trim up the ends later.
It is best if you use your vines freshly picked when they are pliable.
If you don't have time to make your wreath right away, you can soak your vines overnight in a bucket of water to soften them up again.
Just keep wrapping the vines until you get the circle to the thickness that you want.
The size of your circle is your choice as well.
Now you need five pieces of vine all about the same size and all a little longer than the diameter of your wreath. These are the pieces that will form the star.
Start by sliding one end through your wreath and work it through the other side.
Do this with all five pieces until your star is formed.
Take a few more pieces of vine and work around my circle again, securing the star pieces into place.You can also use twine, string, jute or even florist wire if needed to keep the star in place and how you want it to look.
Tie a small piece of florist wire to the top of your wreath to hang it from your door.
Trim off any loose ends that may be hanging out of how you want your wreath to look.
You can leave it plain or decorate it however you would like.

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