Sunday, August 31, 2014


Atlantisite is used for Spiritual Awareness, End Disputes, Healing

Also known as: Tasmanite, Stichtite-Serpentine

Atlantisite is a combination of Green Serpentine and Stichtite, and as such, has a synergistic energy that includes the energies of the two stones but has its own energies.

Atlantisite has been used to end disputes, for Spiritual awareness, and to understand the concept and energies of love. Atlantisite is considered by many to bring the energies of ancient civilizations from Mu, Atlantis, and Lemuria, particularly in healing energies.

Atlantisite is used in crystal healing to bring energy  for heart; lungs; muscular issues such as cramps, menstrual cramping, hernias; and glucose control metabolic disorders such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, as well as a general crystal healing stone.

Atlantisite is considered to be a stone that resonates to and links the energies of the Crown and Heart chakras.

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