Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Curupira: Brazillian Guardian of the Forest

Curupira, from “curu”, abbreviation of “curumi” and “pora”, boy body. In some cases the Curupira is said to be a woman. She is the “Mother of the Weeds”, the Guardian of the Forest. He or she, protect the forest and the animals. You, that dare walk in the woods, be good to it and its inhabitants, or you will know the Curupira´s fury. Respect and be respected.

To protect the animals, Curupira always uses a thousand tricks, looking to mess up with the hunter´s perception, using shouts, moans, making the hunter think he is in the trail of a wild animal, but he is chasing the Curupira, and when he realizes it, he is lost in the forest. When a storm is coming, the Curupira runs through the forest, beating at the trunks of the trees, to make sure they are strong to support the storm. If he/she notices that some tree could be knocked down by the wind, he/she warns the animals to avoid the trees.

Curupira can cast speel on adults. In many counted cases, he/she “mundia” (cast spells) on the hunters who are in the forest, they try to leave the woods, but they can´t. They always notice that they are crossing the same places and walking in circles. Nearby, the Curupira is watching, many times laughing. He/she has an alternative: stop walking, get a liana piece and make a small ball. The liana must itself be weaved well hiding the tip so that it's very difficult to uncurl the hank. After this, the person must throw away the ball and shout: “I bet you can´t find out the tip!”. The “mundiada” (enchanted) person shall wait and do it again and again. Then, so curious is the Curupira, that he/she appear and gets the ball. He sits and tries to uncurl the ball, to find the tip and well, he forgets the mundiada person. The enchantment is broken and the hunter find his way home.

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