Tuesday, August 26, 2014

War Water (Borrowed with permission from Nalaya Oddly)

in a jar place three rusty nails you found. . .they must be iron. . . not steel, fill the jar with water, I use rain water and drinking water, if you have some lightning water that's awesome ( extra brownie points and juju)! leave to sit for about a week and you have yourself a great starter. Don't forget to agitate often and open the jar to re oxygenate the water, you need those nails to get all sorts of rusty in the water.

From here you can chose whether to hex or sain.
To sain you want to add essential oils of lavender, rose and orange a few drops will do. If you have rose water on hand you may want to add that to the mix as well and keep it in a pretty vessel in the back of your fridge.

to hex: add Spanish moss, sulphur powder, saltpeter and your own urine ( yes add the pee!) and get rid of it as soon as possible!

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