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Bistort is used for fertility, divination, clairvoyance, psychic powers. Carry in a sachet for fertility and conception. Add to any herbal mixture to boost divination. Burn with frankincense during divination or to enhance psychic powers. Carry in a yellow flannel bag to attract wealth & good fortune. Sprinkle an infusion of bistort around the home to drive out poltergeists.
Also known as: Bistort Root, Dragonwort

Burn bistort with frankincense to improve psychic powers.

Carry it with you if you wish to conceive; use in sachets and incenses for this purpose.  

It can also be added to the holy water or smudge mixture that is used during exorcisms. An infusion of bistort root is said to help chase away spirits of the earthbound dead.

Sprinkle an infusion of bistort around your home to keep out unwanted visitors of the mischievous variety, such as poltergeists, sprites, etc.

Can be carried for purification and protection. Used in magical formulas, or sprinkled in the purse or wallet, to promote prosperity.

Dwellings can be cleared of ghosts by burning the root as an incense or making an infusion and sprinkling about the house.

Bistort can be used to mark boundaries for protection.

The Serpent is also good for invoking in order to make sense of strange nonverbal images that come to you; she speaks in a language without words.

As the Big Snake, Bistort root carved with a Ior rune is a good charm for third-gender spirit-workers. 

May be used in as an ingredient or substitute for magick spells and formulas related to Saturn matters.

There is close relationship between snakeweed and smartweed and both are interchangeable magically to attract money, use money wisely for generation of profits and good building projects as well as clearing one’s mind.  This is done as you add snakeweed to some money drawing or protective mojo hand.

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