Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Saci Perere: Brazilian Myth

Saci PererĂª is a very playful character in Brazilian mythology. The color of his skin is black and he has only one leg. He is always depicted smoking a large pipe. He wears a red pointed hat, which gives him magical powers like the ability to appear or disappear whenever he wants to.  He loves to play pranks like distracting people who are cooking so that the food burns on the stove. Some of his other pranks are to hide kitchen utensils, bang doors or letting animals penned in corrals loose. Another favorite of his is to startle travelers or hunters who venture alone in the forests, by whistling loudly in their ears. After this, he appears to them in a cloud of smoke, asking them to light his pipe. During full moon nights, he hops onto a horse and gallops merrily around the countryside.

According to legend, inside every small tornado that raises dust and sweeps everything it finds in its way, there is a Saci Perere. People say that if someone throws a rosary made of seeds inside the tornado, Saci Perere can be captured. By taking possession of his hat, the person can have any wish fulfilled.

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