Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Beeswax is traditionally used for making candles, decorative seals, natural polish, protective finish, and use as a base for herbal salves.

Beeswax  has a unique ability to "blend" and "combine" energy. When using many types of herbs, oils or stones, beeswax can help bring everything together for better focus. It is considered to contain and be ruled by all four elements with an emphasis on air (bees) or fire (if made into candles).

can be used in unification ointments for covens that will help everyone stay on the same level. It is also useful for complicated magical work that involves several steps. For example, suppose you want to banish a bad habit, then reinforce a good habit. Incorporating beeswax into such workings will help when switching your focus without loosing accumulated energy.

To make a poppet, melt slightly and let cool to make a mass of wax easy to shape. It is also perfect for making unguents, ointments (such as flying ointments), or balms by melting it and then mixing it with the oil of your choice. Good proportions to try are 1 part beeswax to 5-8 parts oil

You can also use beeswax to make a magickal sealing wax by adding the resin of your choice and heating them together. A good proportion to try is 2/3s beeswax and 1/3 resin. The more resin you add, the harder the wax will be.

If you are working in talismanic magick, you can also use wax instead of the planetary metals to make talismans and amulets. You can make your talisman blank from beeswax and add a few drops of the essential oil of an herb ruled by the planet in question, preferably one that contains the planetary metal. Adding resin to the hot wax will make it slightly harder and less likely to get soft next to the body. You can also color the wax with the planetary color to improve the power of the talisman. Pour the wax into a small dish and remove when it's hard. It's then a relatively easy matter to draw the sigil on the wax.

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