Friday, April 11, 2014

How to make smudging water

Smudging water works the same as actually smudging, minus the smoke and fire hazard. You can put whatever you want into it, as well. The batch that I made included these three things:

-Sea salt (purification)
-Sage (cleansing and protection; exorcism)
-Pine (healing and protection)


1) Pick out the herbs that you wish to use, the bottle you wish to use (small spray bottles that spray a mist work best), and which kind of water you wish to use--filtered, spring, etc. (Tap water will work in a pinch)

2) Cleanse the tools to make the smudging water, i.e. the pot, spoon or ladle, funnel, bottle, and the space in which you will be making your smudging water.

3) Consecrate EVERYTHING. Ask Spirit (or a specific Deity, if you prefer) to bless your tools and ingredients (especially the water), and visualize the power(s) that you want infused into your smudging water.

4) Boil the water. Then add 3 pinches of sea salt, 9 pine needles, and 3-9 sage leaves (3 if they are larger, 9 if they are smaller). *NOTE: You may use whatever ingredients you wish, just add them in amounts accordingly.* Once all the ingredients are added, stir them in slowly and deliberately, placing your intentions into every motion. Visualize the smudging water working in the way that you intend. Let the water boil for 3-9 minutes.

5) Turn off the heat and let the water sit for at least 10 minutes. Then take your spoon or ladle and remove the solid ingredients and toss them outside if you can (plants are biodegradable). Then grab your bottle and funnel, and begin pouring the water into its new container, visualizing strongly the power(s) that you have placed into it. Once the bottle is full, cap it.

6) You may want to charge your newly made smudging water by moonlight and/or with crystals. And feel free to draw a symbol on the bottle if you wish--I chose to draw a pentacle on mine.

You now have a potent batch of smudging water to use between divinations, as well as for general cleansings and protection!!

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