Saturday, April 12, 2014

Seashell Gel Candles

Materials you’ll need…
Pretty Glass Jar or Candle Holder
Clear Candle Gel (Found in Craft stores, AC Moore Carries “Gelly Wax” pretty reasonably!)
Aquarium Gravel to match your wedding colours, or a neutral colour such as white or a pale brown
Seashells, Beach Glass, Rocks and/or marbles (NOTHING flammable!)
Optional – Liquid Candle Dye to tint gel to desired colour, Gel Candle Fragrance

Pour 1/2?-1? of aquarium gravel into the bottom of your container.
Bury the candle wick base in the gravel. (Note: You can use sand instead of gravel, however if you do this it is important to use a wick safety sleeve or “Flame Stopper” so the flame stops before reaching the sand. This can be any small metal tube that can be slid down the wick and crimped with pliers where the flame needs to stop.)

Arrange your small seashells, beach glass or other decorative goodies on the gravel.

Heat the gel on the stove top or microwave following directions that came with the candle gel you purchased.

Once your gel has been heated to the appropriate temperature, you may add optional candle colour tint and/or fragrance.

Remember, a little colour goes a long way, and if you make it too dark you will not be able to see the scene you created! The best way to add colour to the clear gel is with a toothpick, dipping it slightly into the colour tint and then into your gel. Discard the toothpick and stir. Repeat with a new toothpick as needed if the colour is not how you want it. Do the same with fragrance, but adding it by the drop. It is always better to add a little at a time than to add to much in the beginning! Don’t waste a batch of the gel wax on being hasty!

Once your wax is the right temperature, and it is the colour and fragrance of your liking, gently pour it into your container(s), being careful not to disturb the scene(s) you have created.

Adjust the wick so it stands straight.

Set the candle(s) where it will not be disturbed for 12 hours while the gel sets and the trapped bubbles rise to the top and pop.

Use scissors to trim wick 1 inch above the gel..and you’re done!

You can either set one at each place setting or use it as decor! You could even tie the containers with a small bit of jute string and attach a personalized card with details of your day..or a little thank you!

Tips and Important Notes:

Seashells that contain air might also rise to the top! To prevent this, put a small amount of candle gel into the shell before placing it on the gravel.

Non-flammable Fish-shaped glass beads can be pushed halfway down into the gel so that they appear to be swimming.

Disturbing the gel to rearrange shells or add objects will introduce more bubbles, but they will settle out of the gel if you leave it undisturbed again!

It is a beautiful favour your guests will adore..and they can bring it home to burn and be reminded of your wonderful day!

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