Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stop Slander Spell

If you want to stop someone from talking shit about you, spreading lies and such.. Well here is a lovely thing you can do..

Get some clay, add some personal items of that individual if you can (bits of hair would be best).. If not Hair then if you can find something that they have signed, and burn it, take that ash and sprinkle it in... Work the clay focusing on your goal, call forth what needs to be done. Shape your clay into the form of a tongue all the while focusing on your target. Say something like:

Your Tongue is Mine
Your words seen for lies
Your Tongue is Mine to Command
The words spewed from your mouth bring laughter
Your deceit, your trickery seen and heard for what it is.
Speak my name and may you Burn (throw hot pepper powder onto the tongue)
May the reaction you receive be in Disgust of YOU (Spit upon the tongue)
Your Tongue is now MINE! (Stab the tongue at its center)

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