Monday, April 14, 2014

Shadow Fae Spell (Given to me by Theo Eldridge)

get a white candle, sage/smudge stick, and holy water (holy water is tap water + salt and a blessing ). light the candle, burn the smudge and address the Ffolk directly with something like this

This is my house. these are my rooms. this is my family. you may not bother my children when they sleep. you may not bother me or my partner while we sleep. you may not take anything. you may not harm anyone. as long as you abide by these rules, you are welcome to stay and share in this space.

when finished, sprinkle the holy water at all doors and windows.

this works where other spells don't because you are offering a compromise based upon the idea of ownership creating a boundary. you name the boundaries, and offer residence in exchange for respect. (this is the key) if they refuse to respect you, then you can have them removed and the Powers wont let them back.

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