Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wicca 101:Ritual Tips

Avoid distractions. This may seem obvious, but starting a deep meditation five minutes before the morning train goes by is not a good use of your limited time! Send your children out to play, turn off your phone, lock your animals away if they are disruptive, and FOCUS!

Speaking of focus, experiment with different grounding techniques and figure out what works best, and fa...stest, for you. Sitting with a couple of rocks in your hands might do the trick, while for others a meditation or a few minutes of yoga are the way to go. Learning to be present in your circle is the first step to a successful ritual.

Keep a Book of Shadows, a place where you collect and write down all of your favorite rituals and spells.

Plan ahead. Get everything together you might need before you cast your circle so that if you have a short amount of time, you can focus on the task at hand instead of cutting doors in and out of your circle to find odds and ends.

Don't have the right size candle holder for that candle you're sure would be just perfect for your ritual? Use a ceramic plate or bowl, or shape some tin foil around the candle to catch stray wax.

Never ever, EVER leave candles burning unattended. You may think that because you're a witch and the candle is being used for magickal uses, the Goddess will protect you and not let your house burn down. However, the day you do that just might be the day that your lesson about letting go of material possessions is learned. So be careful, folks, please!

Keep burning candles away from flammable objects and out of drafts, and always use a candle holder.

Don't leave children and/or pets unattended with burning candles. Singed kitty whiskers or burnt little fingers are very distracting and despite the media's claims to the contrary, these are not necessary for successful spells!

Most magickal herbs are not meant to be ingested and may in fact be poisonous to humans, and possibly your pets. The exceptions are those you take from your own kitchen and burn as incense or add to spells.

Practice your magick wisely and honorably. DO NOT use our magick to bind someone else's will or to hurt or injure someone (you, another person, animals, the earth) in any way (physically, psychically, emotionally, etc.). We follow the Wiccan Rede (and it harm none, do what thou wilt)

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