Friday, April 11, 2014

Pentacle Dream Catcher

A pentacle dream catcher is not difficult to make and requires just the following, low cost materials, most of which may be found at Ebay, at bargain prices….

1. A wooden ring approximately 5” in diameter.
2. 4yds Suede Lacing x 1/8 inch.
3. Heavy thread, preferably different colours, to weave the design with.
4. 12 Pony Beads Colour 1 - 6 Pony Beads Colour 2
5. 8 Feathers

The colour scheme is entirely up to you.

You will also require: scissors, glue, a clothes peg.

Cut 8 ft. of the suede lacing. Glue one end of the lacing to the ring. Use a clothes peg to hold it in place until the glue dries. The clothes peg is a really good way to hold the lacing. Wrap the suede lacing around the ring until you reach the starting point again. Be careful not to twist the lacing. Glue the end of the lacing to the ring. Hold it in place with a clothes peg until the glue dries

To weave the pentacle, tie one end of the thread to the ring. Wind the thread around the opposite end of the ring three times at a slight angle from the original attachment, pulling it tight. This will be part of the left leg of the pentacle. Each time you attach the thread to the ring, wind it three times.

Now wind the thread about the ring a short distance from the first tying. Your design should look like an inverted V shape. Pulling the string to the left side of the ring, wind it about the ring a little more than halfway up the side. Adjust it until it looks like the lower angle of the cross arm of the pentacle. Now stretch the thread across to the opposite side and wind it about the ring. For the finishing angle, pull the thread back to the point of beginning.

If you carefully check the angle of the thread each time you prepare to wind it at the other point on the ring, you can adjust the design. Make a small loop at the top of the pentacle.

If you want to string beads on the thread, do so on each section before you wind the thread around the ring.

To make the hanging sections, cut three, 8" pieces of suede. Tie two 8" pieces of suede lacing about one third of the way up each side of the ring using a double knot. Slip a colour 1 pony bead, then a colour 2 pony bead, ending with a colour 1 pony bead onto each piece of lacing and secure with a knot.

Take the last 8" piece of lacing to attach to top middle of the ring, Slip three pony beads onto each piece of lacing: colour 1, colour 2, colour 1.

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