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Spell to Dream of the Future

Dream divination is the power to see the future and enhance clairvoyance through foresee an event in the future through a dream. You can plant a seed by deciding what subject your prophetic/psychic dream will be about. Once you are sure you know what exactly the subject of the prophetic dream is you should be able to gather your items and prepare your working.

What you need:

A piece of square cloth, about 6 inches in the corresponding color to the desired psychic dream

A mixture of herbs and plants that correspond to your desired dream.

String or ribbon in the correct color

Dream Color Chart

1) I feel intense, vital or animated. 2) I feel transformed. 3) I feel assertive, forceful. 4) I feel creative. 5) I want to live life to its fullest. 6) I want to win, succeed, achieve. 7) I feel sexy or have strong sexual urges. 8) I have a driving desire. 9) I need something to make me feel alive again. 10) I need to be more assertive and forceful. 11) I need to get out and enjoy myself. 12) If red appears as blood or inflammation – it may relate to an illness or injury

1) I feel romantic or loving toward someone or something; 2) I am feeling very sensitive about something; 3) I feel nurturing and /or gentle and soothing; 4) I am feeling compassionate; 5) I am avoiding aggression or want to calm my aggressive feelings; 6) I need romance; 7) I need nurturing; 8) I need something to calm me down; 9) dealing with this feeling of assertiveness is new to me; 10) the driving energy I feel is new to me.

1) I want to expand my interests and develop new activities. 2) I want a wider sphere of influence. 3) I feel friendly and welcoming. 4) I want more contact with others. 5) I feel enthusiastic, outgoing and adventurous. 6) I am driven by desires and hopes toward the new, undiscovered and satisfying. 7) I feel driven but need to overcome my doubts or fear of failure. 8) I must avoid spreading myself too thin.

1) I feel a sense of joy and optimism. 2) I feel alert. 3) I am seeking a solution that will open up new and better possibilities and allow my hopes to be fulfilled. 4) I feel the new direction I am taking will bring happiness in my future. 5) I am hopeful. 6) I need to find a way out of this circumstance or relationship. 7) I need a change. 8) I may be compensating for something. 9) I am acting compulsively.

1) I need to establish myself, my self-esteem, my independence. 2) I want recognition. 3) I need to increase the certainty of my own value and status, through acknowledgment by others of my achievements or my possessions. 4) Hard work and drive will gain me recognition and self esteem. 5) My opinion must prevail. 6) I must hold on to this view in order to maintain my self-esteem. 7) I want what I am due. 8) I must maintain control of the events. 9) Things must not change. 10) Detail and logic are important here. 11) I need to increase my sense of security. 12) I need more money to feel secure. 13) I want to withdraw and retreat into my own center.

1) I feel tranquil, peaceful and content. 2) I feel a sense of harmony. 3) I feel a meditative awareness or unity. 4) I feel a sense of belonging. 5) I need rest, peace or a chance to recuperate. 6) I need a relationship free from contention in which I can trust and be trusted. 7) I need a peaceful state of harmony offering contentment and a sense of belonging.

1) I like to win others over with my charm. 2) I feel an identification, an almost "mystic" union. 3) I have a deep intuitive understanding of the situation. 4) I feel a sense of intimacy. 5) The feeling is erotic.
6) I seek a magical state where wishes are fulfilled. 7) I yearn for a "magical" relationship of romance and tenderness. 8) I seek to identify with something or someone. 9) I need intimacy. 10) I engage in fantasy in order to compensate for my feelings of insecurity.

1) I seek a secure state where I can be physically comfortable and relax or recover. 2) I am uneasy and insecure in the existing situation. 3) I need a more affectionate environment. 4) I need a situation imposing less physical strain. 5) I want to satisfy the physical senses (food, luxury, sex). 6) If it is a Natural or wood brown: a) I am concerned about matters of family, home, or my "roots". b) I am concerned with a son or daughter. c) I am searching for my true self or natural state of being. 7) If Dirty Brown: it may relate to a physical problem or illness.

1) I want to shield myself from those feelings. 2) I feel emotionally distant, only an observer. 3) It is as if I am standing aside, watching myself mechanically go through the motions. 4) I want to remain uncommitted, non-involved, shielded or separated from the situation. 5) I do not want to make a decision that will require my emotional involvement. 6) I have put up with too much and wish to avoid any further emotional stimulation. 7) I am trying to escape an anxious situation. 8) I am compensating for something.

The unconscious realm. Moving into darkness = suppression, “death of the ego” (first stage of transformation). Beautiful shiny black = a positive view of the unconscious from which a new self and new potentials emerge.
Try: 1) I am anxious and don't know why. 2) I am fearful of or intimidated by the situation. 3) I have been dealt an unacceptable blow. 4) Nothing is as it should be. 5) I refuse to allow it/them to influence my point of view. 6) I can’t accept the situation and don’t wish to be convinced otherwise. 7) I feel the need for extreme action, perhaps in revolt against or to compensate for the situation.

WHITE -1) This is a new experience. 2) I’m becoming aware of new feelings. 3) I’m experiencing a new beginning, a transformation. 4) I have a new outlook, a new awareness. 5) I feel pure and innocent. 6) I feel open and accepting. 7) I feel unprepared. 8) I feel alone, isolated. 9) It feels cold or sterile. Note: White transforms the emotions associated with the colors it mixes with; adding a coolness, peacefulness, newness, and renewal.

[COLORS MIXED WITH WHITE] - appear to represent a newness on one hand, or a lack of maturity on the other, with respect to the emotion associated with that color. The dreamer may have avoided and is thus not used to dealing with that emotion, resulting in a display of that emotion in an immature or inappropriate way. Alternatively they may be experiencing a new emergence or revival of that emotion. Ex: Pink (newness of white with the red of energy/transformation) often relates to feelings of rebirth, freshness and becoming alive. Alternatively (with a violet hue) it can represent an immature desire, intimacy or magical view of things.

RED/YEL/BLU/GRN – a grouping of the 4 “primaries” represents a state of completion within the personality. A missing color, may be associated with an emotional element missing from the dreamers life needed for closure.

BLACK & WHITE (patterns) - may represent the forces of unification, an integration of conscious (white) and unconscious (black) from which a greater self emerges; a unity of opposites; an internal change.
Gold: the divine, the sun, value, the masculine, conscious; Silver: the moon, the feminine, the unconscious.


Lay out a square of cloth.

place on it those chosen herbs.

bring the corners towards the middle and tie it all together like a small bag with a string, ribbon, or piece of yarn.

When made charge this bag for the purpose you wish to dream about and place it under your pillow.

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