Sunday, April 13, 2014

PANic Sex

Pan was the patron of what has come to be known as “panic sex,” sex for the sake of lust and physical satisfaction. Pan was not the god of love, and he was not the guy you petitioned if you were looking to fall in love. Pan was the god of lust, or of sex in its grunting, groaning, moaning, dirtiest form. Pan was anti-monogamy, and his myth is full of conquests and dalliances, but is void of long-time girlfriends and partners.

With a few exceptions, Greek gods were rarely monogamous, and nearly all the male gods had lovers on the side, but they almost always had a primary partner. Pan has no primary partner, his ladies were the nymphs, and those nymphs seemed to change frequently. The ancient Greeks saw the joys in panic sexuality, that idea of instant gratification and living in the moment, but they also believed that it came with a price. A life that consisted of only panic sexuality led to heartbreak, regret, and lack of family.

It wasn’t all bad though, panic sexuality can lead to new things. In the world of Pan his tendency to just grab the nymph and damn the consequences, often resulted in the creation of something new. The origins of the panpipes can be found in his failed conquest of the nymph Syrinx (Which is why the pan pipes name is Syrinx, to honor her) who resisted the amorous overtures of our god and turned herself into some reeds rather than lie with Pan. Good can come out of wanton lust, but not always.

Pan was said to bring more than lust to people, he brought uncontrollable longing, almost animal like desire. It can have very negative consequences. Pan’s myth is full of instances where the god basically rapes the object of affection, behavior that is reprehensible in modern Paganism. When calling on Pan to give you that lustiness, it’s best to do with a partner who shares your desires.

For many of us, and especially for men, napping and sex go together. Perhaps for this very reason, Pan has always been associated with napping. Napping is so important to Pan that he does it everyday, and at the same time everyday-shortly after noon for an hour or two.


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