Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weight loss spell

Materials Needed

2 white candles
A stick of spicy-scented incense (such as sandalwood)
A piece of paper and a pencil
A picture of yourself
A small piece of green material

What to Do
Weight loss spells can be performed at any time of the day, but this particular one would be better to perform after dark, preferably on a clear night. Light the white candles and incense and let the aroma fill the room. Look at the picture of yourself and note on the piece of paper everything you see about your body that you wish you could change. Be as descriptive as possible and, for this moment only, be as negative as you wish to be. Visualization and the art of meditation are very important tools in performing weight loss spells. This exercise will help you to expel those negative thoughts out of your mind and onto the paper.

Once you have completed your writing, take the picture and the paper and tie them together with the piece of green material. The color green signifies envy and jealousy; it represents those times when you were envious and jealous of someone else’s body or physical attributes while being critical of your own beautiful body. As you wind the material around the picture and the paper, repeat the following sentence four times:

“I bind my negative thoughts so they may no longer hurt me.”

In essence, you are letting the negativity out of your system and binding it all together in a small package. Step outside and bury it in a hole in the ground. If you can, plant a seed for a beautiful flower or a bush over it. This will make something positive grow out of something negative, and every time you glance at its beauty, you will be reminded of the night you expelled your negative thoughts in order to begin your exciting journey to the new you.

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