Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quick Spells

 Light a candle and on Samhain look at your reflection in a dark window. Close
your eyes, ask you question about love or marriage and open you eyes and look
quickly over your shoulder. There, his.her refeltion will appear over your left

Take a bowl of water. The bowl should be metal or very dark glass. During a full
or new moon, light a white or black candle in your sacred space, close your eyes
and relax. Ask your question and when you open your eyes look into the water.
Relax and let images or words come into your mind. Try to screen out the talk
that usually happens in everyone's mind and just listen to what is trying to be
said to you.

Meditate. As you meditate, see yourself on a grassy plain with a forest near
you. Go into the forest and listen to the whispering of the wind who will answer
your questions

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