Sunday, April 27, 2014

Simple Knot Spell

A simple knot spell can be used to help your goals and plans come to fruition. Take a piece of cord and tie nine knots onto it while saying the above.
Leave the knotted cord somewhere safe until you reach your goal. I like to incorporate this into spells where I feel there needs to be just a bit more strength, I especially like putting it together with protection spells.

By the knot of one, this spell is begun!
By the knot of two, my spell comes true
By the knot of three, so mote it be.
By the knot of four; power I store
By the knot of five, my magic is alive
By the knot of six, this spell I fix
By the knot of seven, this spell I leaven.
By the knot of eight, if it is fate
By the knot of nine, what I wish is mine!"

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