Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tama Cat

Tama Cat holds his crystal ball for enhanced chi Energy Flow, Vital Life and Energy.
Legend says a cat from the 17th century named Tama saved the life of a feudal lord by coaxing him into a temple during a storm. Today its smiling face brings positive energy to your home or office.
This version of him is holding out a crystal ball with both hands. Instead of beckoning you to come to him, he brings all your wishes to you...

Neck Adornment on the Maneki Neko represent what was common for felines in wealthy households usually have some sort of decoration around their neck. This can be a neckerchief or a scarf but the most common attire is a collar, bell and decorative bib. These items are most likely in imitation of what was common attire for cats in wealthy households during the Edo period (shogun rule from 1603-1868). Red collars, gold collars and bells are popular representations on the small statues.

Coins: Usually a gold coin or gold characters upon the cat represent good fortune and wealth. You can leave a coin on or near your Maneki Neko as an offering same as you may leave or throw a coin in a wishing fountain or wishing well.

Red Cats are traditionally placed in the South-West to Strengthen Luck in Love, Lust and Sex.

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