Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Amulets of Protection

all-seeing eye
angelica root
bluestone and laundry bluing
cat's eye shell
cord charms intended to decay
corno (Italian horn) charm
crucifix knife key ring
deities and saints for protection and luck
Devil's shoestring roots
charms and spells against the evil eye
eye-in-hand amulet
eyes-all-over amulet
good luck coins
hamsa hand amulet
horseshoe key ring
John the Conqueror
mano cornuto amulet
mano fico amulet
powerful hand of God
mojo hand or conjure bag
ojo de venado amulet
Thai penis amulets (palad khik)
protection talisman amulet cast in Pewter
"Protection From Evil" by Henri Gamache
rabbit foot
silver dimes (and other silver)
vulva amulets
abracadabra amulet
abraxas amulet
crescent & hand amulet
buckle of Isis

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