Thursday, April 10, 2014

Charging Stones

before using the stones in magic, they should be “charged” or “programmed” with energy for the specific purpose you need the from the stone. My personal note on this is “programming” is simply wrong. It is as if you are willing the stone to do something against its will – think of it as trying to potty train a cat. Eventually, the cat can be trained, but your relationship with the cat will suffer in the process.

“Charging” is a different matter indeed as you are encouraging or awaking the stone to help you or someone else with the properties it already possess. By charging, you are asking for a specific kind of help. You are letting the stone know which of its powers you need the most. It is also wise to ask the stone if it indeed needs a “boost”, many do not need the encouragement to help – they share their knowledge and powers willingly.

“Charging” is simply done by holding the stones in your projective hand (right if right handed – left if left handed), visualizing your magical need, and pouring energy out from your body into the stone.

Say for instance you have a Moonstone and need to get more sleep at night. Put the Moonstone into your projective hand – visualize yourself sleeping – with that energy pouring from you into the stone. Once you can feel the vibrations – you know that the stone has been charged.

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