Friday, April 11, 2014

Cleaning Stones

There are a number of different methods of cleansing:

Place the stones in full sunlight for a day, 3 days, or even a week. Placing them in direct sunlight is the way to go – not behind a window on a ledge. Some stones will clear after a day – some others will take longer. Check the stones daily and sense the energies by placing them in your receptive hand (left hand if you are right handed – opposite if you are left handed). If the vibrations are regular, the cleansing has been successful.
**Important to note that some stones will damage/fade in the sun.

Bury the stones in the ground for a week or so, then check to see if they have been purified. If they have, wash them off and your magic can begin.

Run the stones under running water and wipe off with a white cloth. Check to see if they have been purified – if not – repeat the process.

Another method that is popular is using sea salt, either by mixing the salt with water and soaking the stone or by rubbing the salt directly onto the stone. Many stones can get damaged by the harshness of salt – if you are not sure whether your stone will be adversely affected by the salt – avoid it altogether. Rule of thumb – the softer the stone the harsher the damage.

Place the stones – preferably outside – at the start of a full moon for three nights.

Lastly – and my method of choice – is to burn sage and pass the stones through the smoke.

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